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Who’s Who

Meet our Dedicated and Committed Staff at Croft Junior School.


The Leadership Team comprises of Mrs Delbridge (Headteacher), Mr Cooke (Deputy Headteacher), Mr Parsons (Maths leader), Mrs Furlong Smith (English leader), Mrs Farmer (SENCO) and Mrs Keane (Strategic Business Manager).

Headteacher - Mrs A Delbridge Deputy Headteacher Mr P Cooke
Headteacher - Mrs Delbridge Deputy Headteacher - Mr Cooke

SENCO Mrs Farmer

Teaching Team 2021-2022


Year 3 Class Teachers

Miss Grimsdell, Miss Harris, Mrs Lucas


Year 4 Class Teachers

Mrs Johnson, Mr Silver, Mrs FurlongSmith


Year 5 Class Teachers

Mrs Fallows/Mrs Farmer, Mrs Grantham, Mrs Funnell


Year 6 Class Teachers

Mrs Guest, Mr Parsons, Miss Shallcross


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Perry, Mrs Hornsby,
Miss Wilson, Mrs Purchase, Mrs Mahon,

Mrs Yeatman, Mrs Colledge and Miss Lane 

Computing - Mrs Chohan


Pastoral and Learning Mentor -

Miss Stockdale


Sports Coach - Mr Powers


Strategic School Business Manager - Mrs Keane

Clerical Assistant - Mrs Bolesworth

Clerical Assistant - Miss Keane


Site Manager - Mr Neal