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Wellbeing Champions

Meet our Wellbeing Champions

Croft Junior School are extremely pleased to introduce you to our 12 Wellbeing Champions!

These children will work alongside our Change Team to support pupils in school with their wellbeing and mental health. The Wellbeing Champions will not only share Pupil Voice on issues raised by children in their classes, they will also have the opportunity to create their own initiatives to raise the profile of Wellbeing and mental health.


Year 6 Wellbeing Champions

Year 5 Wellbeing Champions

Year 4 Wellbeing Champions

Year 3 Wellbeing Champions

The Role of a Wellbeing Champion



à To spread happiness and peace throughout the school.

à To welcome new children and staff to the school.

à To be kind, caring and helpful towards others.

à To always treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

à To promote and put into place the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’

(Connect, Take notice, Give, Keep Learning and Be Active)