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Green Gladiators

There is an Eco-Schools programme running in our school, which is pupil led, with teacher and teaching assistant involvement. Each year children put themselves forward to represent their class on our Eco-Committee and these children then become our ‘Green Gladiators’ (a name chosen by our children). The Eco-Schools framework consists of seven elements:


  1. Eco-Committee
  2. Environmental Review
  3. Action Plan
  4. Involving the whole school and wider community
  5. Linking to the curriculum
  6. Monitoring and evaluation
  7. Eco-Code
                                      Meet our Green Gladiators 2019-2020


Green Gladiators
Year 3 - Zak, Ava and Poppy
Year 4 - Zuzanna, Zen and Sophie
Year 5 - Yuvraj, Ben and Remus
Year 6 - Bethany, Cameron and Mason